Francesca Bencivenni was born in San Giovanni in Persiceto, in the province of Bologna, and from an early age was very interested in embroidery, so began to make small works at the age of three years. During her life she attended the best schools of embroidery and lace in her area, initially studying bobbin lace, the "punto antico" (Florentine embroidery of 1300), simple and compound needles unthreading and more recently the most beautiful and complicated lace, that which belongs to her city: the Aemilia Ars. The Aemilia Ars is in reality not only lace, as many think, but a real movement that was born in Bologna in 1898, where men and women of the aristocracy and finance  try to revive, with this art, the idea of beauty, of a precious object made only for few people and where all the beauty of  nature is highlighted . The great difficulty of this lace consists in the fact that its implementation is on a card in which the pattern is made and only once finished, detached and applied to the tissue. In the early 1900s, Bologna becomes one of the capitals of this lace, exporting it to many foreign countries but to date, sees Francesca the last heiress of such mastery.